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I spend way too much time on the road. More than most people I know actually. As a freelance fashion girl. I have days off no doubt but most of my days are really busy. On some days I can go to and fro the island as much as three times. It may start off with early morning meetings to pulls to returns and more fashion stuff.

Anyway the other day I was in Maryland and utterly scared of venturing third mainland bridge as it was morning time so I called up a friend who'd left earlier to get a picture of what lies ahead in terms of Traffic... Yes... And she says to me, check gidi traffic, and I'm like babe it means I'll be on my phone, I'm on the move already and besides I ain't got time fo dat! Luckily I remember LASTMA has this struggle radio station 96.1fm. Infact i take that back. This station saved my life. It alerted me of the trailer inspired gridlock on western avenue which I was about to rush into to avoid 3rd mainland. Traffic radio is my best friend now Yoruba accent presenters et all. It's all love.

I felt like a super woman. I was able to meet almost all of my appointments. Sadly I missed a fitting for my friend's show. He's a menswear designer and I'd promised to fit the models pre-show. Hoping he'll forgive me.

Oh yes! MTV base just started showing Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I don't know what time it shows as I've only stumbled on it twice. They are still on season 1 I believe. Now here's the thing and I know I've heard people talk about the show and seen loads of tweets prior but watching it, is something else and excuse my French but I don't know how grown ups can be so retarded. I'm so sorry.  Like omg!

Erica is just crazy, Mimi, way too dramatic I don't know if she tries to be deep... I just don't know. Joseline... Lmao she just makes my ribs ache "what's da prah lem" who talks like that pls. Scrappy, no words and Stevie J oh my god Stevie J!!!!! Stevie j!!! How can anyone in their right mind be with a man like Stebie. Oh god! This is just after watching 2 episodes. Ratchet tv is gross but imma keep warrrtching. I tell ya. Hopefully I can find the right time slot.

Moving on to a well, not ratchet reality tv star, Its no doubt Kourtney is the chicest kardashian at least to me. Her style is just so effortless compared to the rest and it's how I like to live. 

Decided intead on sneakers for my own look. Yay or nay?

Cheers and hope you have a fulfilling week! Xoxo

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