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It's a busy Monday for me in lagos and I'm running on low sleep from last night as I stayed up to watch the VMAs but I have to do this so welcome to my personal Fashion Police! 

Best dressed!

Beyoncé in Nicholas Jebran, Tom Ford and Zuhair Murad. Bey is no 1 on this list also because after last night I have renewed respect and love for this woman. It's not easy being yourself in a world where your life is literally news on every gossip blog even harder having to face the world on a stage knowing a lot of people would rather see you fall and be sorry for you. Then she did what she did. Performed her whole album. I don't know if anyone else noticed but I could see so much fatigue in her eyes but she kept it up. She's amazing! And even if they ever broke up which I seriously doubt,mshe will still be Queen. Ok... Moving on!

No idea who Jlo is wearing but she looks divine!

Kendal Jenner in Balmain. Perfection!

Rita Ora in Donna Karan Artelier. Honestly I'm just happy she looked great. In recent times it's either a hit or miss for her. She stopped being consistent

Kelly Rowland in Kaufman Franco. Can pregnancy be any more chic???

Nicki Minaj in Saint Laurent. I think we can all agree she's beautiful. Plastic or not. Infact her surgeon deserves a medal or something.

Mylie Cyrus in Alexandre vauthier. Well she's over the naked phase. Progress.

Solange in H&M. Don't think I need to say anything here really. Slay queen.

The errrrrrm it could have been better........

Kim Kardashian in Balmain. Honestly this is a very chic outfit. Very edgy. The problem here is Kim is not working it. You know what maybe if the hair was just pulled back in a sleek tight pony. That would've been edgy. I feel like Jlo would have Slayed this look to be honest.

I've seen blogs say they prefer the look on Joan Smalls who I'm guessing wore her's in the reverse.. Nah.... I'd rather go with Kim if I had to choose.

Gwen Stephanie in L.A.M.B it's just not working for me

Kylie in Alexandre Vauthier. Nice dress but not age appropriate for her. I'll pass.

The thank you for scarring me for life.....

Taylor Swift in Mary Katrantzou giving us Lesson 101: How not to wear a onesie! This is just an eye sore

Katy Perry. Always so dramatic zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Amber Rose. Hot mess, event inappropriate, strip club appropriate, all round trashy.

And that's all. Do have a stylish week. Xoxo!

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