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Hey guys, 

Hope your weekend's been fun.

My Saturday was spent re-uniting with my former colleagues at Genevieve magazine at the walk for Breast cancer. To know more pls visit Genevieveng.com.

We were all to assemble at the divine mercy Catholic Church on admiralty way Lekki for 7am so imagine my shock when I woke up at 6.37am! Oooo!  I live on the mainland so it takes me about an hour to get to lekki. I practically raced to the car luckily it was a Saturday morning and the roads were free seeing as my very lovable most times crazy lagos people were still indoors.

Truth is I had every intention of just sitting pretty and taking a few snaps at the end yessss. Shame!!!! I had Malaria a few days before and I was ready with my excuse incase anyone asked.

However... Seeing how fired everyone was I decided to get down and dirty and I totally enjoyed it. I actually ran and did the while stretch along with my former fashion editor/designer Mai Atafo. We both arrived late and the team had left so it was a race to catch up with everyone. We then bumped into Genevieve and her friends Chinny and Onyi (the owners of MUD cosmetics) also trying to catch up with the team. I have met Genevieve before when she was on the cover of the magazine while I was there and also a few other times in passing all work related. But this time it was very fun and relaxed. She's a great sport and she was our motivation through out. She made us all run all the way (with a few stops of course) If you're familiar with The area, we did the stretch from the divine mercy church- lekki/Ikoyi bridge- bourdillon-falomo and back to divine mercy. I honestly cannot believe I did that. 

Mai Atafo and Genevieve Nnaji

Cool story- when we got to Falomo, everyone was so thirsty and no one was carrying any cash luckily Mai had some cash in his pockets so we went to this small shop to get water and Lucozade boost. Genevieve was doing the buying and all the time, the owner of the shop had no clue it was her until we were about to leave. It was funny to watch. Same for the people that would run past and scream who's that!!!!! She was very sweet to everyone. I officially love her.

With the Creative head of Genevieve Magazine Segun Oluwole. He's responsible for designing all the beautiful covers and the pages of the magazine. He was a life saver while I worked there and the real superstar. Love him

With Liz Yemoja, the official project co-ordinatior for the Pink Ball and Social media/online manager for the magazine. She's doing an amazing job

With designer Kunbi Oyelese of April by Kunbi.

So there goes. I'm glad to say all my malaria disappeared after the run and I'm so happy I did it. The Pink Ball which is the Grand Finale will hold in October and from what I hear..... expect the best!

Oh yes! I was very humbled when a few weeks back MD ( that's what we call Aunty Betty Irabor the publisher and Editor in chief) called me to style the billboard for the Pink ball. It features The official pink ball ambassador, singer Seyi Shay and media personalities Liz Yemoja and Jumai Shabba. the girls were very easy to work with and we achieved our goal.
Let me know your thoughts. To know more about the Pink Ball, visit Genevieveng.com and follow the hashtag #gpinkball on social media.

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