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Carine Roitfeld in the fashion industry is a force to be reckoned with no doubt but also she's like that girl back in school that everyone wished was their friend. The coolest of the cool kids. Over the years, she has aged so graciously. One of those women, who you have to guess their ages. Sort of like how I wish/dream to age if food will let me be. Just look at a 60 year old woman. Stunning!

She's most known for her role as former editor-in-chief of French Vogue however as a stylist, she is also very well known as part of a team with Tom Ford and Photographer Mario Testino. Together they are responsible for creating some of the most beautiful and iconic images of our time a partnership I imagine was very financially rewarding too. She worked closely with Tom Ford through his time at YSL and Gucci. 

She left French Vogue in 2011 and was succeeded by Emmanuelle Alt pictured. She went back to free lance styling, which was how she started her career as well as creating her own Publication the CR Fashion Book now in its 5th issue and also becoming the Global Fashion director of rival publication to Vogue, Harpers Bazaar a position She's held since 2012 to present day 

                     One of Carine's work, styling for Gucci in the 90s 

Carine right, with Anna Wintour and Mario Testino

                                  With Tom Ford

                                 CR Fashion Book

Now in the past, there have been comparisons between her and Anna Wintour how she loves to laugh and smile from the heart unlike Anna's very rehearsed smile. I have seen captions like the Anti Anna  Also the now famous rumour I think around 2009 when people spoke of Anna being Dethroned from her seat at Us Vogue *shudders*. I love Carine, but I think Anna was created for Vogue and Vogue for Anna.

Anyway moving on, one of my guilty pleasures(if you consider data charges ) or maybe I say favourite past time is watching fashion videos on You Tube.  Documentaries, interviews any thing about people working in the industry, I will watch also I will read too. Carine videos I find quite interesting especially cos of the French accent.

"I think that most of the women when they dress in the morning, they try to be someone else…Today there is too much retouching, and I don't like it...except on me." —Carine Roitfeld  Quote from NY times

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