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Hi guys,

What's shaking, hope you week is good so far. 

It's about 11pm and just got back from styling and directing a photoshoot for a very upbeat and popular Nigerian high street brand. Sorry I cannot post pictures or mention the brand name just yet. Soon though when the campaign is officially released. 

It was a very fun shoot. We had an early call time 8am and got done at about 8.45pm and this may sound weird guys but I was not tired. Like I could go on till whenever. Actually I've done 24 hour shoots before and carried on the following day till the end without falling asleep. That's the thing about fashion, when you're been given an interesting idea, or you're so keen on getting a certain result, it feels like chasing a high, you just don't want to let up. Anyway enough about my shoot.

So on my way back, My car radio has a funny way of just stoping at random frequencies and today it stopped on Raypower 100.5 and it was the programme 'Soul Serenade'. And It was old school night I guess, cos when they started to play You and I by Plantashun Boys.. I was just like loooordddd! Amen! Ok let me jet say this if you remember the song more importantly if you remember the programme. Pls accept this virtual Kolanut as per elder and shit. Lol.

Heard about Linda Ikeji's blog issues. Me I'm not worried for her cos I know she will bounce back major. Maka Chukwu  I miss having the time to do daily blog rounds.  

Need to go to bed now but my dilemma this night is bed now or  Walking Dead now. I have to be up at 5.30. I can't be helped walahi. I'm gonna watch Watch walking dead and eat in bed. *shame* but oh I have Gym on Thursday morning so all good. Toodles!!

Enjoy these few snapshots. People think I love to show legs but I just love comfort more.

                                                 Print Close-up

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