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Lol. I'm sure you're expecting to read some deep or even political write up as per post title. But sorry I mean the above quite literally.

So one of my close friends is heavily pregnant and about to pop. I'm  very happy for her but I'm very frightened as well. Not cos I think something bad will happen. No. I'm frightened and I do not use this word lightly, that she will ask me to be her baby's godmother. Infact I'm expecting that phone call everyday. I don't want to.  It's something I can refuse right? It won't make me a horrible person?

You see being a godmother is much more than having a cute little boy or girl to buy fancy kids clothes, take on ice cream dates or post up cute selfies with. I understand the gravity of what it means. I am my niece's godmother and quite frankly she will be the only one except of course my brother trusts me with subsequent kids. Trusting someone with your child's life  if for some reason you and your spouse were to depart this world or if you aren't capable in the future is a big deal!

Some of the responsibilities that you may wanna check on before you start jumping for joy and make no mistakes ice cream dates and selfies are equally important. Here goes
1) You may have to pay school fees, I mean the expensive private school type.

2) They may want to go to university in obodo Oyibo. Das right!

3)After all these expenses, maybe even PhDs,they can say they want to be a nun, priest, photographer or even a stylist like me. Hayyyyy! Why didn't you speak sooner!!

4)Having to interview potential boyfriends and girlfriends. Yes I intend to do that with my future children so godson or daughter, you are not excluded.

5)Checking up on them everytime to be sure they haven't started smoking etc.

Just five and I'm already exhausted. So think again before you jump for joy when someone asks you such a heavy question. They have to be worth it. Like my cute little niece below. Love her like cold stone ice cream.


Ps- I will still post up all the other photos and videos (when I figure out how to include that in my posts) from the GTB Lagos Fashion and Design Week. I've just been so swarmed with work. Pardon me. Xo

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