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Have you ever felt like a one man army? It's not the best experience I must tell you. Like the universe conspired against you. Somehow people that should matter in your life one way or the other, one by one, have managed to really let you down. What are the odds? Did they have a meeting?

You're faced with the option of forgiving all, extending an olive branch, apology or not, just so you can be chummy with them, you know happiness and all or... Or....Or, you can say.. go to hell. 

Frankly speaking option 2 is the easier option especially if you remember the words spoken or how they acted. You know what I think, I feel like most times we put people on a pedestal that they truly do not deserve in the first place. Knowingly or unknowingly. However at the point we discover this we should be gracious enough to gently let them off said pedestal. This is a lesson I've had to learn recently a rather harsh one but oh well.  I would share my life history but that would be just so boring.

Moving on I've dedicated my mornings to the tracks. Trying to be all about the healthy life. I wake up every morning and show up on these damned tracks. Music being a dependable help. Then I go to the gymn twice a week. Soon my hypothetical abs will be slaying you and your grandmothers. Lol. Lord give your daughter abs please.

Speaking of the gymn. So this my gymn is an open one yeah and I kind of enjoy seeing a lot of people. It motivates me, allows me to judge lazy folks and all but what was so disgusting the other day... Oh lord. This guy, he wore those jersey shorts and we were all on the bench doing sit-ups with the trainer and this guy gets up half way, raises his legs to the side similar to how a dog will, then sweat starts to pour out from his insides like a when you turn on a tap slowly drip drip drip. Oh my god! Why would anyone do that. He had no care in the world. That liquid might have been dripping from his butt and penis area. I'm afraid I've been scarred! I had to mark that particular bench so I don't ever go near it.

Working out regularly is fun. It's the life it will eventually help me work off my mini muffin top which thankfully you cannot see in this sweat shirt by SAUC Clothing.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend. Keep loving yourself. Xoxo

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