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Hi Guys,

Nigerian design brand Toju Foyeh just launched a ready to wear collection this past weekend but earlier in the week, four stylists including me took part in a fun challenge creating different looks from the collection. 

Initially the challenge was to style one particular piece, a skirt,  in 4 totally different looks. A photo of the skirt was sent to the different stylists pre-shoot day so we could come prepared with the different looks.

I'm not going to lie and say I'm not a perfectionist because I am. I had 5 different looks planned for the skirt down to the shoes, jewellery and also the different poses I wanted from the model even though we just needed one look. I know! I can't be helped.

Anyway on getting to the shoot, I'm told the challenge had changed and model had changed as well. This meant a different model with a different shoe size was present at said shoot. Hayyyyyyyy! (Dear aspiring stylists this will happen to you in different ways and more times than once in your career)

So I'm left with some crazy options.

1) be the stereotype naija diva 
2) Mourn my 5 different looks that would have to go back into my ideas book not sure when they would see the light of day
3) option 1

You see I'm one of those people that when it comes to work stuff I just never quit.  Besides if I was going to take part in a challenge, what could be more challenging than my present situation. There was a 20mins time frame per stylist as well.

 So I toss all the above options in my mental bin, I ask if there are shoes in the model's size available on set and luckily there were. I ask to see the pieces available to work with and I immediately start visualizing a party theme in my head. I ended up creating two looks.

For the look above, I worked with two dresses. A slip dress is been worn as a blouse. I then folded the other dress half way and styled it as a skirt. A few clips in the back and voila! I back combed and loosened the model's tresses a bit to add volume. Paired the look with a sneakers and a vintage cross body bag to give off a tomboy chic look that was still party appropriate.

For the 2nd look I simply added a mens' dress shirt underneath, buttoned all the way up with a silver bejewelled brooch. The brooch is there to further emphasize the sparkly theme going on with the dress. Left her hair the same way to make the look effortless, some strappy sandals and voila!

Style tip: juxtaposing male and female elements subtly, in a look, makes for a slightly more interesting take on your personal style as well.

There is a feature of the challenge on on Bella Naija Click here to read 



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