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Hi Guys,

Mean meaning to blog about my trip to the UAE for a while now but it's hard when there's work looming over your head. Also blame it on Instagram. As a matter of fact I think I blamed IG in my last post. Not too sure. That shit is addictive.

Anyhoos to my trip... Let me just say this first. I'm not much of a traveller. I've only taken trips around Nigeria. For work I'm always cool but for a family wedding, visit etc, I always go grudgingly. I'm always like why do people need to travel to relax( I don't believe still). For me perfect relaxation is watching Big bang theory marathon with hot and spicy indomie. I've had a friend invite me to take a trip to Kenya. I'm like Kenya, put money away to go to Kenya? What for? And she's like the experience, the culture food, etc. if you ask me I'd just read about it. It's what my parents said. If you're curious about a place read about it. Great money saving tip. 

She tried again to get me to go to some Beach resort in Lagos Inagbe. Lol. This is so unfair of me but I laughed it off. I'm sorry if you read this Chinwe. However Dubai did hold a promise of great shopping and a perfect first international trip if I do say so myself. I have to add though that I contemplated it a little seeing as I shop a lot (for clients) every other day here in Nigeria because of my job. I'm always in and out of a designer store, sample show room, market, boutique etc it can be quite nauseating at times so I was a little wary of doing the same thing on my trip and I literally had to talk myself out of shopping for work on the trip. Just myself and of course friends and family and I had a blast.

It was very impromptu, I made up my mind last minute, didn't think I could get a visa within a week but I did and it was fingers crossed!

The Emirates flight was splendid, they had really nice food better than I was expecting and lots of movies to watch. I nodded off a bit and before I knew it voila Dubai! About 7hours I think. Their airport is so beautiful I was in awe. Everything was working unlike back home.

I had to ignore their 'No photography' sign. No photography? How cocky. Just because you have a beautiful airport and beautiful custom officers and beautiful fresh people?

         God bless Agbani Darego for this carry all. Perfect for hand luggage.

Day one was spent generally faffing around seeing the town etc. Got invited to a marketing thing for people who wanted to buy houses in Atlantis. Apparently I looked like I could afford it. The gift at the end of the long talk was a free ticket for a Desert Safari Cruise and dinner and which I fared around the streets a bit more and ended the night at the Dubai Mall. (Not pictured unfortunately I was enjoying myself so much I didn't realise I forgot to take pictures. Infact a whole lot isn't pictured where do I want to start from?lol) 

            I always make it a point if duty to take Mirror Selfies because well..DIY and other people can't take better pictures of you.

Next day early morning was spent at breakfast till (and not one second earlier) breakfast closed. If you get what I mean! 

Then off to enjoy the Safari cruise. Now make no mistakes it is NOT a cruise. Seeing the very high and low planes. I was a little scared but when the Arab driver said "there are plastic bags by the doors if you feel like vomiting". I was like why?? Truth is I didn't think it would be such a bumpy ride. I never experredd it and before I could say jack vomitttttt! I was so embarrassed. My ancestors would not have liked that. But I did enjoy it tho and enjoyed the dinner afterwards too.

      Made fast friends with Yvonne from Zimbabwe. She is an air hostess and she had a few days off work. 

       Desert selfie!

Back inside the camp we were treated to displays of Arab culture like the belly dancing, then there was this dancer with a fully lit robe/coat that did so many stunts. Not pictured. I have a video though. When I figure how to upload it here.

        Not bad at all. I have to say for someone who doesn't really care so much about other cultures, I really did get into it. 

        A little bit of everything cos I'm a grub. The rice was horrible tho and the creamy sauce. Something's shouldn't be ok like putting so much colour on rice. Don't try it.

     Beautiful Sunset.

I had a blast! Will do a follow up post on my shopping experience! It was crazy fun. Xoxo!

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