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For lack of a catchy title.

I really like Mara Brock Akil, one because she makes sure to give her lead characters really nice houses. Incase you don't know Mara is the creator of Girlfriends and Being Mary Jane. Secondly because her shows mirror what most of us go through. I mean women no single women to be clearer.

I have a love hate relationship with Being Mary Jane. There are times when I'm legit sad out of my mind for Mj. The desperation, I would probably never go to the extremes she has gone but at some point you start to think and try to rationalize her decisions.  Things like stealing David's sperm in season 1 or even deciding to have a baby by him again in season 2 while he was expecting with another woman are down right cray but but... Understand why she did it.. Truth is not everyone will end up married or coupled up in the end and I guess it was about facing the reality of an eternal single life. Scary right but she did want to have kids. Do I think David was the right guy? Is anything ever black or white these days?  She wanted someone she could feel close to at least to a certain extent. The familiar I guess. If you watch the show, you know it didn't work out. The whole egg freezing process, not being able to get pregnant it was too painful to watch I almost had a drink on her behalf. 

Other times I'm rooting for her, happy for her actually, no more hopeful. This Sheldon guy seems like he will bring excitement to Mj's life but do you ever think when you see a single guy who's 'older' that something might be seriously wrong with him, l know I do. I'm actually terrified of these kind of guys reason is they are insanely interesting appear mature but there's always that cuckoo crazy factor underneath. I don't know. I would say proceed with caution. Lol. 

Like why you single especially in Lagos like something must be wrong with you. Maybe you only eat raw meat laced with ugba water or some crazy shit like that. It might be a little unfair to judge tho cos one can say the same for me too. But I promise I'm not weird or anything like that. 

Mj's life is great. I mean she's successful and hella pretty but her life is scary and what is even scarier is that it's real. There are times I think this might be me years down the line. I don't know...  I don't accept that I will be single and miserable but I don't completely rule it out given the way 'Life' seems to have a mind of its own.

Anyway this Sheldon guy, I think I like him and the possibilities this relationship could hold for Mj I'm not hoping for Cukoo crazy because that will leave her even more twisted. Who knows? Fingers crossed. 

Took this photos sometime ago. Feeling for military action or something. Anyway enjoy.

Have a fantastic week. 

Ps- So grateful to be Nigerian this very moment alas there is hope. Plus the Election drama/entertainment was EPIC!!
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