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I kind of comtemplated this title a bit just because I know there are people that may not agree, however there are so many elements of this look that work in Favour as this style being a classic.

Things like comfort and neutrality are basic elements that make for a staple piece. The fact that it can be dressed up or dressed down, styled in a glamorous fashion, worn formally to the office, around the house on a lazy weekend is quite interesting.

So I know when people talk about a white shirt as being a wardrobe staple, it's mostly about a women's shirt and that works too but you won't be getting the same effortless, I can pull off anything look. 

Some people may be a little hesitant wearing something so oversized seeing as if worn wrongly you can actually look like you're not wearing your own clothes which is not the aim. I have to confess though, I read one time, can't remember where that wearing oversized clothes is actually a trick to make you look skinnier and the likes of Rachel Zoe, blogger Haute Pursuit, Nicole Richie and Karla Deras of Karla's Closet have proved this times without number.

Style tip: when wearing pieces meant for him, always keep it androgynous. So for instance if you wanted a chic look, add a pencil skirt or maybe some heels. If you however like to be more tomboy with a pair of sneakers, make sure to add feminine elements like well groomed hair, a nice pair of earrings or a chic neckpiece.

Here I was going for sleek and chic but with a little street via the big ass chain. What is it they call it sophisti-ratchet. Lol. Enjoy.

I also found some cooler ways to wear the staple.

Karla Deras. I'm definitely trying this soon. Just working on getting my thighs skinny

           Bogger, Style by Yellow Button

Model Seyi Adetayo wearing a look from Toju Foyeh which I styled last year.

Kourtney Kardashian

           Sharon Stone


Xoxo. Lots of love and happy experimenting!

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