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Just wanted to share these photos from the April cover of Motherhood In-style featuring Lola Omotayo Okoye and her family. 

When it came to styling I really wanted to show the bond between a family, the idea that kept playing in my head after getting off the first phone call with the editor of the magazine was togetherness, intimacy, pure love and fun. Hence the themed looks and colour choices.

There are more photos but you'll have to buy the issue to see the rest. *tongue out*  

Lola in Iamisigo shirt dress and necklace from Ariaba. Peter's outfit from Ennzo lagos and the kids looks from Ruff n Tumble

Lola in St Genevieve high waist tailored pants
Ariaba necklace
 Shoes from Shoe Lounge  
Denim shirt from my styling closet

Peter wears The 'Lagos urban and fresh' tee from Lagos Laid Bac LLB 
Denim shirt and Jeans from Ennzo 

had so much fun styling the shoot. Lola is so beautiful in person like you have no idea, she is gorgeous! Peter was also great. Fantastic family to work with and not as much fuss as I had expected. The kids were surprisingly very easy. I've worked with kids in the past and I came with extra energy but then again I was surprised how easy it went. 

Their older son Cameron was a delight giving us pose after pose ha! Aliona had to be bribed with lots of candy. She could also sing Eje ajo the P Square song. I thought that was very cute. All the children's outfits were provided by Ruff n Tumble.

Kelechi Amadi Obi was on photography. There were many dashes up and down the floors of Eko Signature where wardrobe was set up and sprinting across to Eko hotel for pictures but I'm always secretly grateful for the hidden workouts that come with some shoots

Thank you to Pauline Rumm the editor, the Motherhood In-style team and my lovely right hand ladies (my assistants) Zeenat Ali and Ijeoma Okonkwo for an awesome shoot. 


Have a fantastic week and please ask your vendor for Motherhood!

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