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Boobs and Denim

I've never understood why a lot of women want big breasts. The worry with push up bras or anything that makes it look so tedious to be a woman. 

I like flat chest and I always say it and not because I'm small but it's just so easy. You'll never be able to explain to a busty person how you can unbutton your shirt three steps down and still not look trashy. 

When I see bare chested A-cup models on the runway I'm like this could be me if I was really perikish you know sigh. Recently I was doing a wardrobe audit from my clothes, jewellery down to shoes. Anyway when I got to my undies. I found this bra that had been sitting there unworn for quite a while. I never paid it any attention cos it was my only bra that wasn't padded. I thought it just didn't add. But Over the years i have gotten frustrated with bras however I haven't gotten bold enough to do without. 

Every other day I take it off in the car before even making it home. Bras are pointless to be honest. Back to my old paddles bra. It does have the metal underneath though. I tried it on and it felt so fuss free. I went out with it, my shirt closed easily and by midday I didn't feel like yanking it off. It didn't give that push up effect but who cares or maybe I'm getting old. It was extremely comfy and I'm now contemplating changing all my bras or taking out the padding. Can I get a sigh of relief!!! 

Well this post is not just about my small breasts and my bras. I tried the cropped denim shirt look a few days ago. It's actually a DIY. The shirt I mean. I just cut off a few inches from the bottom and had it hemmed. Unfortunately I don't have before photos as I hadn't planned on doing a post about the process but it's pretty easy. Paired it with my dependable boyfriend jeans btw death to skinny jeans. The struggle! Still love them tho but definitely not for everyday wear.

   Taking pics like "stand over there. This is my good side" 

Cheers and happy election weekend. I shall be sleeping the day away.

Denim shirt-vintage
Jeans-Mr Price
Bag- H&M
Shoes- Next
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