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So the other day I was minding my business being a grub at brunch when I heard what has become my favourite word/ phrase so far.  "The movement"

I wouldn't say I was eavesdropping no.  They were sat right beside me and loud enough to be in my ears the whole time.

These guys walk in, One of them had these huge bright roaming eyes. You know those people you can tell are hyperactive at first glance. He goes... (While doing a 360 head turn) This is the movement right? His friend is like ermmm.... And he goes I mean this is where everyone comes to guy. I just saw senator xy and his family. Ambassador xy too. You know he's my uncle na. 

I swear I almost burst out laughing. Just cos these kind of people crack me up and I've met with and worked with a couple. They know everyone, every politician is their Aunty, uncle or godfather. They love to name drop and are just...... I don't know. It is actually hilarious.  I once knew this chic who knew everybody!! Everytime there was a plane crash she would have like 10 Auntys and 20 uncles on the flight just to feel important. I don't get it. 

Ladies and gentlemen it's ok if you admit you've only met someone once in your life and they don't have to be your Aunty. 

Yes I understand that in some circles you are required to kiss ass and I have met several people on a professional level who insist you call them Aunty or uncle (I find it ridiculous though) but its a thing especially in Lagos but I digress.. Anyway back to my gist. This guy doesn't stop looking around and talking and acknowledging the presence of everyone those he knew and didn't quite know. At some point he tried to strike up a conversation with me but at that point I already found him too hilarious to take him seriously. In my head I'm like busy body... Errr nope!!

But at least he gave me a new fav word. I've added Sunday to mine tho cos quite frankly it is the only day in the week to literally enjoy movement in Lagos given the horrific horrific traffic situation. 

So what's your Sunday Movement? Mine usually starts after mass and usually includes trips to get ice cream , movies, Brunch or visits to friends. That last part might not be entirely true tho as it happens once in a while I mostly spend my Sundays grubbing and faffing around that is when I'm not working though. Although this Sunday I plan to go see my friend who had a baby so yeah!

 Last Sunday I did brunch at Sofitel Moorehouse Ikoyi(not pictured) I have to say it was very average and I wouldn't really bother with it in a while. 

These photos are from 2sundays ago at the Sounthern Sun same day as the story that inspired this title.

They had these spicy prawns and basmati rice which I enjoyed so much i had it at the beginning when I was so hungry and not thinking about pictures if you know what I mean.

You have to try the French toast on the left It was out of this world.  The fish in batter top right wasn't bad either. I always have to have chilli can't inagine not. I have to confess tho, I'm a grub at buffets but that's the whole point.

Excuse the splatter. The yoghurt was bomb.

See I didn't wanna post this photo. All I can say is Lord forgive me.

Outfit ( last Sunday's movement. Lmao) - Eve and tribe.
Shoes-Biddy's Mondo.

Photo credit- Ozy Agu

Have a great week! Xoxo!

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