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Hi guys, 

Hope your weekend went great. No scratch that. If your weekend went great I'm actually jealous of you. This was one hellish weekend. Public holiday notwithstanding.

I mean....there is no petrol, no light and to add to that the heat is insane. For how many hours in the day can you and your neighbours run your generators before everyone goes crazy with the noise and where will the petrol even come from? 

To add to all this I had personal issues of my own which included car trouble a simple few hours alternator change turned into a two day job which is still not done but I'm seriously hoping to get sorted. Cabs in Lagos are about 4k per destination and my week is pretty packed.The horror!! 

Anyway my weekend may have not been perfect but my outfit was!!

Wearing this faux pearl detail crop top and flute hem skirt from Bibire. I love love them and own a couple of pieces from the label which I may have posted in the past and others yet to post. 

This I fell in love with at first sight. It will be getting a lot of wear for sure and styled separately too!

Wish you all a sane week ahead. Xoxo!
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