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Shouldn't you do a review when you just get a product or at least not too long after? Well I guess that's the beauty of your own blog. 

Straight to the point, the perfume is the truth, like the ultimate truth. I first came in contact with it at the Launch by Essenza here in Lagos. I had gone to the mall (palms lekki) and I couldn't help but wonder why the whole place smelled so heavenly. I thought is the president visiting? but traffic outside said otherwise. Anyway they had their sales reps at different areas of the mall, spraying the scent all over the place and letting customers try out. It was those I have to have it ones. No doubt! 

Si is Italian for Yes. Simple word but very inspirational. So it can be yes to anything. Yes to a good life, yes to dressing well, yes to great relationships etc. the perfume was launched in 2013 so it's obviously intended for the modern woman, it's supposed to invoke sophistication and class hence the choice of Cate Blanchett as the face. Can up you think up anyone more distinguished and  classy? 

The Notes you can expect are blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre, and blond wood musk with touches of freesia and May rose. At first it's intense but not too strong or choking but then it lingers softly I'm talking over 24 hours here. 

If you use or have used this fragrance you have to agree with me that there are no in-betweens (unlike another I tried sometime ago and can't seem to decide what pushed me) you either love it or I don't know....maybe you can't be pleased.

I've had mine for about 8 months or so. I use it all the time as can be seen. I will definitely purchase another bottle.

Ps- I'm always looking to try new stuff. Which is/are your favs. Share the secret!


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