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Hi there,

Hope your week is going great. Fuel scarcity has been a pain in my neck. I don't know how we are supposed to cope. Now I'm hearing there is another union strike. Well I guess the upside is that there will be less traffic in the city of Lagos. The Lord knows it's grueling.

This past weekend I was lucky to have petrol so as usual I had my Sunday shenanigans with a little work in between plus my mum was stuck with me. Had to drive her to a hospital appointment early morning and I begged her to stay with me the whole day. I never get time to just chill with my mum so I wanted to seize the opportunity.  We went to mass together and usually after mass I just say a very short prayer at the blessed sacrament committing my week to God and just scram. 

You won't believe my mum made me wait behind for the Rosary I was like oh damn! I have to admit as a catholic I don't really pray my rosary I guess it's cos I said my rosary everyday as a child from going to block rosary crusade everyday and being a Legionary. I got to boarding school and it was like Who gon check me (insert Kevin Hart voice). It was a good thing tho cos afterwards I felt so much better. More like spirit filled and I think I'll start waiting behind. Make it a habit again.

Anyway afterwards we went to destroy our invisible abs at brunch. She was not in the mood for pictures. According to her she was just supposed to go take a blood test and I set her up for an outing didn't tell her to do her hair. She's still cute though.  My mum is seriously the sweetest and the best person I know. She has MS but she tries not to let it take over her life and I'm just happy to have her. 

Chilled out by the pool for a bit. Slept off the food a little

Then I had to go to the House of Marie Event. 

Here I'm wearing a smock from Nigerian label Grey.

They were launching their Diffusion Line 'Anne Marie' at Stranger in Lekki Phase 1. 

The collection named 'Urban Struggle' featured a signature print depicting the Lagos Hustle. There were interesting cut-outs, loose tailoring and a structured jacket here and there. Fabric choices were mostly soft silk and velvet. The collection was amazing I tried on two looks and settled for the skort and jacket look even though I would rather have the entire collection but my budget isn't set up like Ulyana Sergeenko's.

Customers shopping. If you've been to events at Stranger you know it's usually dark inside so apologies for not so clear images.

House of Marie Creative director Joan Ibuzo with a client wearing a piece from the current House of Marie collection.

Later that evening it rained heavily and we got into traffic trying to get back home. Usually I get sleepy in night time traffic but my mum had enough gist. Was an amazing weekend!

What did you get up to. Feel free to share. 

Cheers. Xoxo!

You can purchase pieces from the diffusion line at Stranger. 3 Hakeen Dickson street lekki phase 1 or via the website houseofmarie.com.ng phone +2348082268640. 

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