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Been ill for the past four days. Malaria  There's this weird thing whenever I'm ill I try to imagine the exact time/point that the illness leaves my body like the last trace. Sometimes i get it other times not quite.  Don't ask me why it's just a thing. 

If I'm ever confused or not sure I have malaria, when the nightmares start I know for sure. I often wonder why they don't list that as a symptom seeing as  it happens to me all the time and I'm sure I'm not the only one or that would be strange. 

In the last four days I've had over 8 bad dreams. Three of which I remembered clearly till this afternoon when the nightmares stopped and I had a Sweet Ghost dream. I mean Ghost from Power. Damn that dude is fine af. God forgive me but I might just go to sleep again. Angela Valdez is having a blast. If you don't watch Power you're probably lost so guy I'm talking about is Omari Hardwick. Ok you get it now.  Anyway point of the story is that's how I know Malaria has now left my body. Nightmares have been replaced by *cough*

Pls don't even preach here. Thanks. 

On Sunday, I took a break from my sick bed, put on some makeup and a tight dress to BLD by Play in Lekki to attend my friend Shade's bridal shower. It was a blast because we are friends from secondary school and you know how it is when old friends get back together. The nostalgia was too real. Going to boarding school in FGGC Sagamu was possibly one of the happiest periods of my life wicked seniors et all cos. I became a senior and I'm not sure if I was all nice. Anyway judge not. 

It's been a long time we left secondary school 15yrs so we had to meet her other friends. Those from Uni and those from work etc and that was fun, everyone spoke about how they met the bride and how they became friends with her. My friends did not/have not changed one bit and I realised it during the how well do you know the bride game. Those that used to dub still dubbed and I really felt like throwing a tantrum for not winning any prize. I was screaming it's not fair!! But I quickly checked myself.  Damn people don't change much.lol. I was so happy I attended as I almost did not cos I really felt weak. But I guess you can't tell from pictures. Thanks to science.


Clockwise- Ajala, Laitan and Shade. They were the organizers and had to make sure Sade never suspected a thing till that day. She thought she was coming to a Father's Day party for another friend's husband. Lol. Seriously. Never heard of anyone who threw a Father's Day party.

        Keke, Shade's friend from work arguing about not getting some answers about the bride right. 

Games time! Bimbo, light skin girl on the left has had her face exactly the same say since secondary school I'm not kidding. Always the same tight ponytail and wind in a tunnel face. No jokes. She'll probably be the same way when she's 70.

       We were laughing so hard tho.

Bumped into my friend Omon who came to brunch at the restaurant too. We snuck away for a mirror selfie cos she found a mirror somewhere in the back and couldn't resist. Omon is the creative director of Belois Couture. She won the Multichoice Fashion Protege and is an awesome designer.

Have a blessed week Xoxo.

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