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There was a time in my life when I seemed to always be the tallest/ biggest among my mates. It was very shortlived though cos I think it ended like Js1. Back in primary school all through my time there, I  was always last in line at assembly cos I was 'tall'. Made to sit at the back in  class cos short people needed to be in front. I was even taller than my elder brother who's a year older. Then like a flash, the witches in my village conspired and I stopped growing. Like literally stopped and I noticed it. I tried to eat beans every night with my dad but no luck. The sheer heart break watching my brother just grow taller and taller while I remained stunted. *sigh* anyway all fingers are not the same.

Fast forward to a few years ago. I had to help my brother do some major work on a car so I found this guy who was supposed to be better than a regular roadside mechanic. He ended up being worse and I needed the money back. It was a lot. Hundreds of thousands and the guy was being an a**hole. So I called up a male friend who I knew could help. We all need a Tony Soprano in our lives. For some it could be their very quiet but deadly brother, a crazy friend, custom agent mum, soldier uncle etc. One way or the other they come through for us when we get bullied in real life not all this social media bullying B.S

Anyway after the brouhaha and we recovered the money, my friend made a very funny comment. He goes "but Ifeoma you know somebody of your size doesn't need to deal with mechanics. They will always cheat you. Look at you" I was just like dude!! Did I believe him? Yes and no. But Yes to a certain extent. In this part of the world the huge fat man is seen to be more powerful/richer/stronger than a skinny dude in jeans and tshirt. In church ushers will give more respect to a robust Woman in a flamboyant gele than to a skinny sister in a wrap dress. It's the way of the world. One time on tv I think it was on the show crime fighters. This guy got caught for fooling people into believing he was a senior military officer. He was huge and dark, who would've thought to doubt him if he never got caught? lol.

Do you think a person's size matters?

Anyway fashion these days doesn't seem to care so much about size. Here I'm wearing my go-to/one nation bf jeans and oversized mens' tunic/buba by JZO. Read the brand's feature on Elle South Africa here http://www.elle.co.za/introducing-jzo/ and you can follow them on Instagram @jzofashion

Purse: Aldo 
Shoes: TNL
Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo
Cheers and may the rest of your week be amazing. Xoxo!

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