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Probably written this post like a gazillion times in my head before. Does that happen to anyone, mentally doing something without actually doing it..lol.

Working very hard on sticking to what I say I'm going to do. Traffic gets the best of me in Lagos, work plus so many other distractions too, but life's still good.

Hope you've had an amazing week so far. I love love this tshirt by Kingdom Tees. (Something New).

 It was part of the front row goodie bags at the last Lagos Fashion and Design Week. I was so pleased to get one in a good size for me. Funny I didn't wear it for quite a while,but since pairing it with this skirt I have worn it so many other times not pictured.

The Skirt and Purse (Something Old) belonged to my mum and my great grand mum respectively. Purse is still one of the most loved pieces in my closet.

The sneakers (Something New) I picked up from the Bershka store my last holiday. 

My pictures I try to keep as pedestrian as possible. So I don't do professional pics or retouching. Maybe someday, who knows! but for now...

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