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This Post is probably long overdue seeing as it happened over 2 months now. But here goes..

I have this very strong belief that in some ways the friends that you make when you're in secondary school will always have a special place in your heart. More so if you went to boarding school. At this point in our lives most of our friends happened to us. We became close to certain people not for any particular reason other than the fact that we genuinely liked their personality, they were kind to us or simply that we just wanted to be their friend. Simples! It's not like this scam adult life where you have to pretend to like people you're in business with or be friendly with an annoying colleague who you've caught several times not washing their hands after going to the bathroom. Sucks doesn't it. 
I remember this friend I had in Pry 5. She wasn't mean to me but she bullied everyone else. I think I was the only one she liked but even in her likeness she still found a way to be bossy. So she would say things like. "Take! Lick this sweet" or "let's go and play catcher" what if I wanted to play Ten ten?? What if? So one day during break time, while we were about to go play a game of 'her choosing' I just turned to her and said. "I'm not playing with you again!" I guess she knew I had had enough cos she just rolled her eyes and walked off. Lol. That wasn't the end of our friendship though as she came to beg me a few days later.i agreed immediately and she went back to her bossy self. Lol. Have no clue what planet of the world she is now. Imagine if I tried that that I'll be called either petty or dramatic. But I was just being honest. Anyway..

So yes my very special girl from Secondary school Shade got married (traditionally) to her boo Fisayo, recently and it was an Ibadan turn up. All my people from way back were going to show up and I was excited dot com! I was to arrive the day before but I had a whole day shoot that didn't end early. I have never been more annoyed at work as on that day. Getting to Ibadan on Saturday morning was everything! I got in pretty early and had planned to take a quick nap before show time but how na... tooo much catching up to do plus one of my besties who's a doctor and focusing on sexual matters always found a way to steer all conversation towards sex. One minute we are talking about pounded yam and the next minute is the best ways to ride your man and I'm wondering how Tf did we end up here?? 

Ohhhh you know the best thing about weddings in Ibadan? As a guest, you can get your makeup and gele plus faux lashes all done for N2500 and the MUAs are very good! Yes!  I could really get used to that! 

I had so much fun at the reception just from dancing, being in great company, eating and drinking whatever and best of all, the thought that I wasn't going to drive myself anywhere after. I'm like I can really get used to this chilled out life ! chris rock voice* (Lagos driving really does scar you) Leaving my friends the following day took me straight back to when we left each other in FGGC Sagamu after WASSCE exams years ago. It was so nostalgic. Boarding school was really my best experience punishments, suspension et all. Good thing is we got to reconnect and I'm so happy I didn't let a busy schedule get in the way.

Fisayo making it rain on his wife. Standard!

Laitan, she was the chief planner. Calling everyone and making sure things were going right. We had to wait a while for Shade's makeup artist who chose to come in on the day of the ceremony rather than the night before. I so didn't envy the lady at all. Her phone was ringing 20calls/sec and we were all waiting on her at da door (see what I did there...)

Deola, Funmi and Bimbo

Noni and I. Somehow we were always roommates every session. Corner mates towards the end.

Eniola, me, Bimbo, Laitan, Deola, Funmi, Motunrayo, Lawunmi(shade's friend from uni) and another family friend. This was still the beginning when things were sane. I really did over-eat and over drink. Cool story. Have you ever been to owambes and there was a particular table that kept getting all the best food and drinks and party favors, People on this kind of table were usually the ones everyone thought were running the show, that was us at this wedding. The height was when this guy came over to whisper that they wanted something on their table and the caterers said they needed permission from us and we were like woahhhhhh!!!! I swear we had so much fun!!! Ibadan was litt!


Motunrayo and Funmi

Funmi, half of Bimbo's face and I.

Just before heading out, Funmi and I found this corridor in the hotel with great lighting. 

My aso was made by Design for Love DFL. The Ankara/wooden box clutch I got from same designer a while back, shoes are from Asos and earrings from my April by Kunbi's accessory line.

Have a lovely week! Xoxo

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