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I'm a sucker for great and easy DIYs. Time doesn't permit me to do personal fun stuff but I will always love simple transformations that come out chic on the other side. 

I've had this sweater for a while now and I got bored with it. I was gonna relegate it to movie wardrobe but I had a light bulb moment! I kid. But yeah embellished pieces are a thing for me as well. 

I was inspired by this studded SJP purse from DOT.

So basically what I did was gather all the earrings which were missing a sister or brother, old buttons cut out of clothes I didn't want anymore, faux pearl necklaces that cut at painful moments. Just everything that wasn't quite useful on their own. Got my sweater, needle, thread, scissors and off to work I went. 

You may want to mark different points on your garment if you like certain ornaments to be strategically placed. In my case I just went with the flow. I freestyles it and voila!

             (Apapa Amusement park with my niece)

Wore it over the holiday. Stylish cover up for the harmattan season.

It's not too late to say Happy new year right???

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