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Hi Everyone,

Good to be able to put up a post. Life really does get in the way eh.

In line with this post's title....I almost bought an iphone! But! it didn't happen!! Phew!

So here's the thing. The other morning i was going about my daily routine as is normal. check my mail, workout, blah blah blah, when  looked at my screen and it was doing that thing your phone does as if its having a seizure. I turn it off and turn it on. In my mind it should fix anything wrong. I'm happy when i see the Samsung logo but i swear that's where it stopped. Phone kept booting and rebooting but never past that point. I immediately think oh dear, the day has finally come.

I don't know how this crept up on me but in the last few years, i'm the girl with the constantly cracked phone screen. Many cracks, lines, but i mean i can still see. Pls dont judge. This has kind of been my case and honestly after a while i just decide on my own to change the phone.

But today is different. it's a monday morning, i have meetings, clients that need to hear from me. I decide i'll head straight to the nearest Slot and buy An iphone. I thought of my younger brother who only uses the iphone and swears its the best.. Oh well there's two of us now.

Then...then...then(insert ratchet voice)!! I go on Jumia to try to get an idea of models and prices. Hahahahahaha. Say what now! i mean i knew they were expensive but N499k! Hells to the No! Which begs the questions. My dear friends,, is this what you guys have been paying?? I'm sorry.. what does the phone do again? Can it brush my weave, bathe me?? Ha! i mean i could comfortably afford it but NO!

Now maybe i will buy an iphone in the future, but i can honestly tell you that day is not close. I started to think of all that N499K can do. Buy land, down payment for a house, house rent...i'm sorry but the day hasn't come for me.

Anyway i go on youtube to google a fix for my very 'affordable' Samsung and realise i needed to do a phone reset which meant loosing some important data and contacts but hey! i lived!!. Lol

Now unto other things, i took these photos not too long ago to celeberate maintaing a size 6 for some months now. HEYYYY!!. I mean i still wear an 8 but it just feels sooo good to actually fit a  6 bottom. it's delightful to be honest. Currently i have packed on a little weight from over celebrating with food but i mean i tried them on today just before writing this post and all's still good for now until Puff puff takes over!


Love & Light
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