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Hi ya,
I realised i've never done a 'whats in my bag post'. This is an old post which i did a long time ago but didn't put up. I actually don't carry so much in my bag anymore. I definitely don't wear makeup everyday anymore.

This was when my office was so far from home, i hardly had time to make up or do anything before rushing out in the mornings. i usually did my makeup on the ride to work or at the office hence all the 'load' in my bag. lol

 We ladies we carry a lot in our handbags o . My friend once said on Fb that he found a whole loaf of sliced bread in a chic's bag one time. True story!

Nigerian brand, James Lully oversized Python Print bag from their first collection.

Estee Lauder makeup purse

Mini makeup brushes, Wet and Wild lip balm, tiny bottle of Next Flowers perfume
Mac Studio Fix NW43
Mary kay foundation in bronze 600
LA Girl lip palette. I absolutely love it. Perfect colours for day and night all in one case. I'm wearing it HERE
Olay lotion
Sleek mascara, eyeshadow palette, lip gloss and pencils.
Black Opal Invisible Oil blocking powder
Black Radiance bronzer
Baby Wipes
Cuticle trimmer and safety pins for wardrobe mishaps
I always carried Jewellery in my purse for days when i didn't have time to go through the pile in my box. Simple pearl studs for regular days and the Gold set for days i wanted to be fancy.

small sized umbrella
Notepad. I always have one around to take notes. Also as a creative you never know when the most random idea can pop up in your head. Its an absolute necessity for me.

Britney Spears Fantasy

I carry my vitamins around as i have a habit of forgetting to take them. Also breath mint/gum cannot be overemphasized
And of course my blackberry. 

So there you have it. Plenty Load right?
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