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I always thought I didn't like floral prints. In fact up until a few years ago I was so sure they weren't for me. I thought they were too girly and sweet but it’s good to open up your mind and experiment with different trends.

To be honest I’m at a point in my style sojourn where there’s little or nothing I won’t try.  Fashion is meant to be fun!

Dress- Next, vintage Westar wrist watch -Hand-me-down from mum
Still cant believe how hard and fast i fell for this dress, Had to give my sister two dresses (both far outweighing the price of the dress) as barter for it, which she happily snatched from me.. What can i say. The heart wants what the heart wants regardless of it's a loss or gain. Who cares... Lol 

Floral print ankara skirt designed by me, White shirt (can't remember what brand now), F21 shoes, DIY Ankara bangles. See post here

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